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Maria Robles Meier is an inclusion expert and leader on diversity in the public sector. Her multi-faceted experience includes legislative strategy, multicultural marketing, communications, and professional development training. As the founder and chief strategist of We Are The People, she works with organizations to develop professional empowerment trainings targeting diverse professionals who impact politics and policy. In 2020, she co-authored the first-of-its kind guide for Congressional hiring managers on building and maintaining diverse and inclusive offices.

Previously, Maria had a career as a leadership staffer on Capitol Hill that included serving in senior positions for Democratic leadership offices in both the US House and Senate. She is also a former Executive Director of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and for over five years led the Senate Democratic Diversity Initiative. While in that position, she created trainings for staff seeking to grow their careers and counseled over 1500 job-seekers.

She has spoken to hundreds of others on issues related to diversity, US politics, and public service, and her unique expertise has resulted in invitations to address Members of Parliament in the UK and Germany on the importance of building inclusive talent forces. National Journal magazine named Maria to their list of the twenty most powerful staffers on Capitol Hill. She also has been recognized for her commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion, and Members of Congress commended her for “outstanding service to community and nation”.

Maria resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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